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The Menu: Expectations vs Reality

I’ve visited a couple of restaurants and businesses during the pandemic. Most of the time, I remain safe at home, but ill admit that I have gone outside to eat; probably the majority of you have done it too. Come on, admit it. It’s ok, though, but let me tell you what is not ok.

We take all the safety measures necessary while out in this COVID-infested world, but what happens at many places you visit? You are approached with a disgusting old menu that they “disinfect” with the same cloth repeatedly. That’s not acceptable, people don’t want that! Not when the last place they visited had a simple QR code stamped on the table, you can scan it with your phone’s camera, and voila, the menu is right there on your phone. Some places will even allow the customer to order from the phone. (ahem!

We all have this expectation, a QR code in our table:

Not the reality that many places offer, which usually looks something like this:

Which I would not like to touch with a stick from six feet apart, and neither should anyone for that matter. We are near the end of 2020, the year of the COVID as i like to call it. If you go to a place and they hand you a disgusting menu like the one in the picture, show them this, please.

People deserve not to touch these menus anymore. 🤢

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